Why don’t we raise the bar?

We tend to accept average as great and poor as average.

If a teacher were to give their average students C’s they risk getting fired so instead we give average students B’s, above average students A’s and don’t give the great students much to strive for because they can simply be above average and get an A.

We accept shoddy workmanship as “good enough”, bad food as acceptable and bad attitudes as the norm.

Is the reason we don’t expect more because we don’t want to have to deliver more ourselves or is it because we don’t know any better?

What if each one of us were to raise the bar for ourselves? One of two things will happen. Either those around us will have to improve their standards (and if they do that, we all benefit) or we will completely separate ourselves from the pack. The key is we benefit either way.

Demand better of ourselves and see how successful you can be.

Have a great day!


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