Is hanging up on someone ever acceptable?

Typically, I would consider hanging up on someone on the phone as being rude.

On the other hand, isn’t it just as rude to not allow the other side to end the conversation?

Yesterday, I received a call from a company I have purchased from in the past. They were calling to say they had a “new deal” for previous customers and kept talking even after I said I wasn’t interested (it’s a company I have purchased from before and would have considered purchasing from again when I needed their products again). The salesperson kept talking and talking and wouldn’t accept my “no”. I’m sure that is what this person had been taught to do and after a short period of time, I got tired of her talking (and me saying I’m not interested) and hung up. Deep down, I still felt bad about hanging up on someone and my guess is she simply dialed the next number on her list and didn’t give it a second thought (chances are, it wasn’t the first time she was hung up on that day).

All that was accomplished with this sales technique is it made me feel a bit bad for hanging up (it didn’t last long) and then it helped me make a decision that I would never purchase from this company again since I don’t approve of this sales technique (I’m not sure what the logic of the sales method is since I can’t imagine pissing off a past customer is an effective method).

If this same person made the same call, asked me if I was interested in hearing the sales pitch and then when I said “no” had asked if I might be interested in hearing from them in the future when I was ready to purchase, I would have said yes. Instead, they lost a customer for good. Maybe the numbers game they are playing (call as many as possible and if someone isn’t interested now they probably never will be) works but the only thing it accomplished with me is annoying me and losing me as a future customer (and if they call again, I’ll probably be psychologically better prepared to hang up sooner).

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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