Create a buzz

On Monday I was walking around the Battery area of Manhattan and saw a great example of creating a buzz to increase business. This wasn’t done by a marketing firm, or high tech group but rather by some street performers.

They were somewhat of a combination dance group and acrobats. Rather than starting their performance with the hope of drawing the attention of the people walking by they kept yelling to each other that they wouldn’t start until some people came up to the area they had set aside for their performance. They kept calling people over to come watch them and wouldn’t start until they had a small audience. When they finally got a few people to stand close and watch they started to perform. When they first started they did so in a way that only the people standing close could see. Others, who were walking by wanted to see what the others were watching so they joined in. The more people who were watching, the more other people wanted to see.

People were wanting to see what was happening not so much because of the performers but rather they wanted to see what the others were watching and didn’t want to miss out on anything. The small crowd became a big crowd and when it was all said and done, this group of street performers (who were incredibly talented) ended up making a great deal of money.

This was a great example where a small crowd can become a big crowd much easier than no crowd becomes a small or big crowd.

Do whatever you can to have a small group ready to start your buzz when you start a new project and big things might come from it.

Have a great day!


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