Small things

Many people think if we can’t make a big difference than we can’t make any difference at all.

The reality is that small things can make a BIG DIFFERENCE

When I go to the grocery store I see a lot of people using reusable bags instead of the plastic bags offered by the stores. This is a good first step. Unfortunately when these same people go to the drug store or others stores they revert back to paper or plastic

There are some great ways to make a small difference in a way that can be environmentally beneficial and also easy to do.

One example would be Chico Bags ( They sell easy to carry reusable bags which are made from recycled plastics, are easy to carry and easy to clean. They have reusable bags for grocery shopping, backpacks, duffel bags, sandwich bags and much more. Unlike many other reusable bags these are easy to carry (they fold into little pouches) and can be used in many ways. I have no involvement with this company other than being a happy customer and it’s a great example of how each of us can do a little bit more and in the long run, they can make a big difference.

Just something to think about

Have a great day


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