Problem solving and mistakes

Most people understand that they have to be willing to make mistakes and fail in order to grow. Many of these same people are less understanding when it comes to their underlings mistakes and failures.

When we make a mistake we can see it as a learning opportunity but when others make a mistake we tend to want to jump in and either fix it ourselves or, tell them step by step how to make the correction.

If we want others to be able to solve problems in the future we have to allow them the opportunity to make mistakes while trying. We have to be willing to give them the same opportunity to screw up that we want for ourselves.

The challenge, of course, is recognizing that fixing the mistake for the person might be best short term but long term wont allow them to learn. It really does come down to whether you are willing to make some sacrifices short term for the benefit on the long term.

If you insist upon correcting every mistake for others and micro managing that is fine but don’t expect the others to grow in their decision making.

This is true whether a coach, parent, business manager or overall leader.

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