A personal personnel decision

Many companies are coming out with personnel policies on texting and cell phone use while driving. In most cases it involves prohibiting texting while driving and limiting cell phone usage to only being allowed to use hands free solutions (blue tooth or otherwise).

Personally, I don’t think this is good enough.

While I agree with prohibiting texting while driving (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I prefer not to text but rather with the fact that it’s not safe) the idea of permitting cell phone usage as long as it’s hands free isn’t good enough (in my opinion). When a person is driving a vehicle that weighs over a ton, I think they should be concentrating on what they are doing. One mistake, one distraction can cost them their lives or someone elses life. For those who say they can have a conversation while fully concentrating on their driving two thoughts go through my mind:

No you can’t. A person speaking on the phone has to focus somewhat on the conversation so they are distracted by the call. Just because they think they can do both adequately doesn’t mean it’s safe or the right thing to do.
If a person is able to be fully focused on driving while talking on the phone my question is, how much are they really focusing on the caller?

Those of you who know me might think this is an “interesting topic” for me to write about since I don’t drive but it’s not unrelated to me since people call me quite regularly while they are driving.

I can’t tell people what they can or can’t do BUT I can do the following. I’m asking that no one call me while they are driving. If a person is stopped in traffic and needs to call to say they are running late that is one thing but other than that, I would prefer to not speak with people while they are driving. My preference is that people focus on their driving while behind the wheel and if they need/want to speak with me, they can do it at a time when they can focus on our conversation.

Do I expect anyone else to have this type of personal personnel policy? Nope. Might it result in some people not calling me? Yes. I have given this a great deal of thought and have decided if that is the result, I can deal with it. I can’t deal with distracted drivers who might cause major damage because of an unnecessary phone call.

Have a great day!


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