You can’t teach stupid

You can teach skills.

You can teach technique

You can teach math

You can teach physics

You can teach languages

You can teach many things but one thing it’s very difficult to do is teach someone who is stupid. You can help make someone better at things but it’s extremely difficult to take someone who is stupid and make them smart.

Trying to take a mentally slow person and teach them do things that require a great deal of intelligence is difficult if not impossible. The question is, why do we try to do this so often?

How often have we tried putting a person in a position that is over their head with the idea of “they will figure it out” or “I can teach them”? If they have the ability that is one thing but to put someone in a position that is beyond them mentally is to put them in a position to fail. It’s done all the time and simply doesn’t make sense.

Remember, you can’t teach stupid so instead put people in a position for them to succeed, given their capabilities and things will work out much better

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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