Who has access?

There is so much out there “in the cloud” that it’s important to ask ourselves “who has access?”

People use Google Docs or Microsoft’s Office 360 to store documents and files. They use Carbonite to back up files. They use Gmail for their email. They use BasecampHQ for project management. They use Amazon Cloud Drive to store photo’s, video’s and documents.

Most of these services have pretty specific explanations for how they protect your information from outside intruders. The question is, are you protected from their employees?

As an example, if you place an order online with an ecommerce site and see it’s using a secure certificate you can usually feel safe that your information is being sent safely. The question is, once it’s received, who has access to it? Can their employees see the information? Can the bank employees?

Another example is with smart phones. So many have their GPS enabled and many programs use these (and use them for good reasons). However, are you giving the people who own these apps access to more information than you intended? Are they able to track where you are? (you might be surprised how much information you are giving to others without knowing it).

The purpose of this post isn’t to encourage people to be paranoid but rather to be safe.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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