Two sales techniques

Last week I was researching some options to purchase a type software application. I spoke with sales representatives from two different companies.

The first company asked me which of their competitors I was also considering. I told them the two other companies and he then told me everything they did poorly and why I shouldn’t go with them. He then told me about all of the features the program he was selling had and why it was such a good program.

The second company started off by asking me what I was looking for. They wanted to know what I was looking to use the software for, they wanted to know about my company and then they proceeded to show how their software could help me do what I wanted to do. They actually showed me how I could spend a little bit more and accomplish a LOT more than I even was looking for.

Each conversation took about the same amount of time. Neither sales technique cost more than the other.

You can figure out which technique is more effective but sadly, I’m not sure the first company ever will.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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