Local vs National

Local vs National is an interesting topic to look at because it’s easy to assume how things work locally is also how they work nationally and how things work nationally is how things work locally.

The other day I was down in South Carolina visiting with friends and they were hosting a meet and greet for one of the presidential candidates. The advance team for the candidate was insisting on a certain size room for the event based on the areas demographics, the number of registered voters etc. They were looking for a room that would hold 75-100. The local hosts tried explaining that they were expecting much more than that based on their previous events in the area etc. The national people insisted they knew more so it was put in a room that seats 100. This was a bit of a problem when over 750 people showed up. The problem was the national people were basing things on their experience and not based on the experience for that locale

In the same way, assuming that what works locally will also work nationally can cause the same type of situation

Realize that what works locally doesn’t always work nationally and what works nationally doesn’t always work locally

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