Be willing to change your perception

Will you allow reality to alter your perception?

The other night I checked into a hotel in Richmond VA. I booked the room online and the pictures of the hotel looked wonderful. They took some old row houses and turned them into one hotel.

When I arrived it was too early to check in so I waited in the lounge area. This area was furnished with items from the 1950’s and it looked like nothing had been reupholstered since being bought new.

When it was time to check in they informed me the elevator was broken so I would have to take the stairs to the 4th floor. I was fine with this but was a bit surprised when they handed me a key to my room (I can’t remember the last time I stayed somewhere which still used keys instead of a card).

I went to my room and the first thing I noticed is the TV was 15 inches and the reception was somewhat fuzzy.

Throughout this process I was thinking “should I check out and go somewhere nicer?”

I have to admit I was exhausted when I checked into the hotel so I took a short nap before dinner and after asking the person at the front desk for a recommendation I went to dinner and upon returning I started looking around a bit further.

On each floor there were numerous sitting areas (indoors as well as outdoors). Many of these included comfortable rocking chairs and small tables.

The room I was in was absolutely huge. It was one of the largest non suite rooms I have ever stayed in. The beds were extremely comfortable. The towels were large and lush.

There was an outdoor courtyard which, in nicer weather, would have been wonderful to sit in and relax.

The people at the front desk were always smiling and friendly (and they had offered to have someone take everyones luggage to their rooms for them and to bring it down for checkout).

They offered a complimentary pass to the local YMCA for anyone who wanted to work out and had a complimentary shuttle to get around the area if a place was too far to walk.

Basically, once I truly opened my eyes and stopped looking at the negatives I noticed all of the positives and my perception changed to closer match the reality

Initially I considered checking out and finding a better place to stay. Eventually, I realized if I come back to this area I would definitely want to stay there again

Be willing to change your perception based on the reality

Have a great day!


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