Because of bad weather yesterday I took a bus to get downtown. When I got on the bus a lady was talking on her cell phone (in a loud voice so everyone could hear her). Ten minutes when I got off the bus she was still talking.

Later on, I took a break and went to a coffee shop. A guy was sitting there screaming into his phone for all to hear.

Leaving the coffee shop I had to go to a meeting and while in the elevator to go to the meeting someone was speaking on their phone.

Maybe it’s just me but while it nice to have access to a phone while out in public it doesn’t mean that others want to be exposed to our conversations. In cases of emergencies it’s fine to make a call while others are around but in general it’s just bad manners.

Is time so short that we can’t wait to call someone back when we are in a more private location?

Are things so important that they have to be dealt with that moment?

Is what we are doing so unimportant that it’s ok to not focus?

If you are sitting at a restaurant with people and your phone rings and you choose to have a conversation with the caller do you realize you are sending a message to the people you are with that they aren’t important?

If you are driving with people in the car and you choose to answer do you realize the message that is sending to the others in the car? It’s saying that not only is the caller more important than them in terms of who you want to be speaking with but also the caller is more important than their safety (I don’t care if you are using a Bluetooth, or speakerphone or what, no one can convince me it’s as safe to drive while you are speaking on the phone as driving while you are focusing on the road).

Remember, multi tasking frequently means doing a few things half assed at the same time. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on what you are currently doing and do it right (even if that just means relaxing) than to be rude, dangerous and mediocre at what you are doing?

Have a great day!


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