Making products or services smaller

One way to increase your offerings might be to offer smaller services or products.

As an example, an architect might have a design for a great 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a 2 car detached garage. While this might be an ideal home for some the person who doesn’t want/need a garage will not be interested. This architect could also offer the same home without the garage and also the garage without the home. For virtually no additional work 1 product became 3

An example with websites might be a website with a scheduling module. The developer of this site might offer the scheduling module as an “a la carte” offering for others to purchase to add on to their own sites

Think about ways you can break some of your products or services down to offer smaller versions as an alternative. The challenge is to make sure your smaller offerings don’t cannibalize your sales of your bigger products in a way that adversely affects your bottom line.

Just something to think about.

He a great day!


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