Lower your expectations?

I was speaking with a colleague yesterday and when I mentioned that I was disappointed by the lack of response from a third party he said “the thing I have learned over the years is in order to avoid disappointment one should LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS”

Is that really the answer? Rather than demanding a higher level and raising the bar (starting with ourselves) we should simply lower our expectations.

Why aren’t we raising standards? Expect more and then over perform yourself.

I guess if we want to “strive for mediocrity” it’s ok to lower expectations and it will allow for less stress (complacency isn’t a stressful way to live for the most part) but if we want to do something special, make a difference, have a positive impact on the world then we should NOT lower the bar or lower our expectations but rather we should raise the bar, raise expectations and over perform.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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