Energy Drains

I was reading a newsletter yesterday encouraging people to avoid activities that are energy drains. The belief was that doing something that drains you of energy will affect you in other activities so whenever possible, avoid, delegate, outsource or find another way but rid yourself of these energy draining activities when possible.

While I agree with this in theory, in reality, most of us have to do things that might be considered energy drains so while we can try to avoid them, in practice some can’t be avoided at all.

On the other hand, we can and should do everything we can to avoid people who are energy drains. We all know them (and unfortunately, some of us might be them). These are the negative people who leave you feeling empty after spending time with them. They are the ones who encourage us to do as little as possible. They find a reason why nothing will work. They would rather not try than take a chance at trying something new.

If you spend enough time around an energy drain you will eventually become just like them. The alternative is to try to lift them out of the negativity OR, if that can’t be done, leave them and move on.

An energy drain can have a negative impact on your work, on your health and on your life. Take the time to move on and see how far you can go

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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