Different value for different people

It’s easy to think that everything has a certain value. The thing to remember is frequently the value of things are dependent upon who is involved and their given situation.

As an example, Albert Pujols (star baseball player for the St Louis Cardinals) is currently a free agent. His next contract is supposedly going to be in the 10 year range for around 220 million dollars. The question isn’t “is he worth it?” but rather “is he worth it for a specific team?”. One article I read brought up the point that he might NOT be worth it for the Cardinals to keep him at that price (he will be 42 years old when the contract expires) but a team like the Miami Marlins, who need short term success and a big name to draw people to their games) will need someone like Pujols. In other words, he might not be worth it for one team but well worth it for a different team.

This is a valuable lesson to keep in mind when looking at somethings value. It’s not whether it’s a good price or a bad price but rather is it a good price for your specific situation.

Just something to think about.

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