When you don’t know

We all find ourselves in situations where we don’t know something. When in this situation, we have 3 choices.

Shut up
Ask questions to learn more
Bluff and pretend we know something we don’t

It’s best to shut up and listen when there are others around us who know a great deal more and we can learn by listening.

Asking questions will allow us to learn more than we knew before PROVIDED WE ARE THEN PREPARED TO LISTEN AND LEARN.

Bluffing only works if we are around people who know even less than we do. It results in a lot of misinformation and confusion but for some reason seems to impress some people (mainly those who are doing the bluffing). When you bluff around people who are more knowledgeable all you are doing is convincing them how little you know and how little you are willing to learn.

Shut up and listen, ask questions when appropriate and get rid of the bluffing and you might be surprised with what you might accomplish.

Have a great day!


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