Does your superstar cover up too many deficiencies?

Having a superstar on your team can be wonderful. However, keep in mind that a superstar can hide a lot of deficiencies of the team which can end up hurting a team long term.

In volleyball, a setter makes a perfect set to the superstar outside hitter who spikes the ball for an easy kill. Later on, the same setter makes a mediocre set to the same superstar and because of this players talent, she is still able to spike the ball for the winner. Do this enough time and the setter realizes she no longer has to make the perfect set. The problem is that the next year the superstar graduates and the mediocre set to the good but not great hitter and this player can’t make up for the mediocre set and hits the ball into the net. The superstar had hidden the setting deficiencies and in fact enables them to continue since it had worked for so long.

The superstar salesperson might be able to sell despite inadequate marketing materials. The problem is, when the superstar leaves, others can’t offset these bad materials and sales go down dramatically.

The doctors office receptionist might have bad phone etiquette but if one of the doctors is so good that people will tolerate it, everything works until that doctor retires and is replaced by a competent doctor who can do a good job but people wont give them a chance because now the receptionists phone etiquette matters.

If you have a superstar in your organization make sure you don’t allow their talents to cover up too many deficiencies. Short term it’s great but long term it might have a major impact on your organization.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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