Why not call?

You meet with a prospective client (or employer) and feel it went very well. You expect them to call or email to follow up…but you hear nothing from them.

Why not call them? Worse case scenario is you find out they aren’t interested in working with you (which means you simply received confirmation of a decision that had already been made). While it might hurt to hear the “no”, your calling didn’t affect anything at all.

Best case scenario is they now realize how interested you are in working with them and agree to hire you on.

Too often we are afraid to make the call and end up waiting to hear from someone who might never call or, who might want to call but have forgotten.

As long as you don’t call too quickly or too often and become a nuisance, you can only help yourself by calling to get a status update etc.

When in doubt, why not call?

Have a great day!


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