Reorganization chart

Organizations frequently have an organization chart but there comes a time when it might be worth looking at a reorganization chart.

A reorganization chart would involve starting with an empty sheet and then not worrying about the current chart, write up a new chart without names. This new chart doesn’t need to be the same as the old one and is for positions and not for people. In doing this, you would determine where the marketing director would be positioned, or whether there is a need for a marketing director.

Once you determine the positions needed, then figure out who should report to whom. Keep in mind that just because the position currently reports to one position doesn’t mean they will report to that same position in this new chart.

Once the new chart is created rather than filling in the people from the old chart, consider having people reapply with a simple application process. This might mean something as easy as a one page form.

This might seem to be unsettling to some but wouldn’t you rather work to make sure you have the right positions reporting to the right positions and having the best people for the job in each position?

This is not an easy thing to do or one that you will get complete buy in for but it can be extremely valuable if done correctly.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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