Placing blame

How many times have you seen a mistake made only to have it explained away as “my assistant was in charge of that and she really screwed it up” or something to that affect?

This is frequently the persons attempt at passing the blame in order to make themselves look better. If they can place the blame elsewhere it must not be their fault.

There are a couple of problems with this type of action. First, if you are in charge then you have to take responsibility. Too often, we are willing to take the credit for the work of others (with the logic being they are doing what I taught them) but we aren’t willing to take the blame (again, they are doing what I taught them). Second, how do you expect to build trust from these people if they know you are going to place the blame on them in order to make themselves look good?

Frequently, when I see a leader willing to take responsibility for their own mistakes and for the mistakes of the people underneath them, the other people will work even harder to support the leader whenever possible. When I see a leader placing blame elsewhere, the others typically end up doing the same as well.

Take responsibility whenever possible and others will usually be there to support you. Place blame on others and they will frequently look to do the same to you.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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