Managers vs Leaders

People frequently think of managers and leaders as being the same. We assume if someone is a manager they must also be a leader or if someone is a leader they must also be a manager. In some cases people are both but in many they are completely separate

A manager organizes, plans, strategizes, staffs etc. A leader does

A manager tells others what to do. A manager trains others. A manager schedules others. A manager delegates to others. A manager tries to reduce risk.

A leader initiates. A leader is the first in line. A leader puts his life/career on the line every day.

If we think of it from a military standpoint, the manager is behind the troops giving the orders. The leader is out front heading the charge.

It’s not a case of managers being better than leaders or leaders being better than managers but it’s important to know the difference and to not assume just because a person is one that they are automatically the other.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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