Barriers to communication

Communication is so important in business (and in life) yet we frequently make it difficult to do well.

How many times have you attended a meeting over lunch where you are being interrupted by the servers (who are simply doing their jobs), having distractions from other customers and not having the proper space or equipment that is needed. Why not meet before lunch and then if you choose, go have lunch afterwards.

When meeting in an office or conference room, try to arrange people to have as few barriers as possible. Too often people sit on opposite sides of a conference table which makes the table a barrier to communication both figuratively and literally. The same is true when meeting in an office. One person sits behind the desk and the other person sits in front of the desk and the desk is the barrier.

In some cases, people want to use these barriers (to create an adversarial relationship or when sitting at a desk to show some form of dominance) but if you are trying to create a better environment to communicate in, work hard to eliminate the barriers.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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