Scheduling a meeting or time

You schedule a meeting or phone call. In many people’s minds, your job is complete until the meeting begins.

If you want to do it right, you would send out an agenda, in advance, so people can prepare for the meeting. You would confirm each person’s attendance and if you aren’t able to confirm someone who is vital to attend, cancel the meeting.

Once everyone is notified, in advance, of the agenda and knows what is expected of them and then once everyone has confirmed the time, you are almost ready.

If the meeting is for 1PM, be there prior to 1PM. Make sure the room (or phone line) is available and is set up properly and all tools needed are ready. If this means making sure a projector and screen is available, do so and test it before hand. At 1PM start.

Too often, rooms aren’t ready, phone bridges aren’t reserved, attendance isn’t confirmed and it ends up wasting many peoples time.

Respect the time of others as you would like them to respect yours.

Have a great day!


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