Educating your clients/customers is the answer

Someone gets admitted to a hospital with pneumonia. The doctors order a battery of tests and also have them stay one extra day. How many people might suspect the hospital was ordering these extra tests and the extra day in order to make more money? Deep down, in the back of a LOT of peoples minds this is suspected.

The reality is, with most patients the longer they stay in the hospital and the more tests are run, the LESS money the hospital makes. They end up getting paid a set fee for certain ailments so the longer they keep a patient and the more tests that are run, the less profit per patient.

When this was explained to me recently I was surprised and it dawned on me how important it is for hospitals to educate their customers/clients to have a better understanding.

If this is true, isn’t it true in other fields?

A general contractor typically charges by the job so it’s not in their best interests to slow things down (but how often do we suspect they are “stalling”).

A restaurant wants to serve the best food they can (for the price) but if you order a well done steak it might not be very juicy.

There are many other examples but what it comes down to is sometimes we do need to educate our customers/clients. It will make your job easier and make them happier

Have a great day!


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