Don’t waste Great

Certain people have great talents. It would be nice if we all did…but we don’t.

The key is for those people with great talents to use them and not waste them.

If Ludwig van Beethoven hadn’t composed music, the world as we know it would have been different.

If William Shakespeare hadn’t written, the world as we know it would have been different.

If Ben Franklin hadn’t innovated and invented, the world would have been different.

If Martin Luther King Jr hadn’t led, the world would be different.

If Nelson Mandela hadn’t stood up for what he believed in, the world would be different.

If Marie Curie hadn’t done research, the world would be different.

It’s easy to delude ourselves into believing we all make a major difference in the world but other than a few people, most of us really don’t have a major impact on the world. As an example, if I stopped writing this blog right now, the impact on people would be so minimal that it wouldn’t really matter.

The challenge is that these people with great talents don’t owe us. We aren’t entitled to their greatness. For many, they achieve their greatness at tremendous sacrifice to themselves and their loved ones. They don’t owe me. They don’t owe you. They don’t owe anyone. Hopefully, the people with great talents will strive to maximize their abilities not out of obligation but rather out of passion, desire, personal satisfaction etc.

The other challenge is knowing who are the next “great ones”. Frequently the people with great talents aren’t recognized early on due to them doing things differently than others. This makes it more difficult to recognize them. Because of this, we need to encourage as many people as possible to maximize their strengths and to use their talents to the fullest.

If you have great in you, use it to your fullest. You don’t owe it to anyone other than yourself.

Don’t waste great.

Have a great day!


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