Better is not always better

A client wanted an easy way to share documents with other people in his company. It was a simple file storage web site which would allow them to search through specific folders or to use a search tool to conduct a more thorough search based on assigned tags (this simple means the person who uploads the files can assign certain categories which the specific file would be found under).

The companies IT department decided they could make it “better” by “fixing” the search function so that it would search the entire document. In thinking they were making this search tool better they made it useless. An example would be if a person was doing a search for a document on Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A person might search for the term “ICE” and based on the tags find the specific files they were looking for. However, by “improving” the search to include any document that includes “ICE” in it, it would now include how to make ice tea, how to ice skate, anything regarding servICE in it etc.

While trying to make something better make sure you understand the logic behind the decisions, otherwise you might waste a lot of your time and others.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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