So many options

There are so many options out there. Within an hour and a half of Charleston WV one can:

go rafting,
go kayaking,
go canoeing,
go zip lining,
go biking,
drive around the mountains,
go to antique stores,
go to flea markets,
listen to live music,
go skiing,
go to art galleries
go to museums

With so many options out there, why do most of us choose to do…nothing different?

We do the same old same old, complain about nothing to do and wish we were somewhere else.

The only time many of us do any of these things is when someone comes from out of town.

Why not do more things we enjoy when we get some free time? It’s easy to come up with reasons why (no time, family obligations, blah blah blah) but if more of us were to do more adventurous things, we might enjoy our lives a lot more as well.

Go out and do something this week, you might surprise yourself and enjoy it.

Have a great day!


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