Public vs Private

If you are starting a business and you have the option of choosing between help from employees of a non profit organization who have never run a for profit business or you could choose to get help from successful business people who have run their own profitable businesses, in your industry, for years, which would you choose?

If you are starting a business would you rather have investors who have money but no experience in your industry or from investors who have money and experience and contacts in your industry?

If you are starting a business would you rather network with others who are hoping to start businesses or with others who are already in your industries or related industries?

Public organizations that are trying to help with start up organizations tend to either be or work with the first option for each answer. Private people who are looking to invest in other businesses in related fields to their own tend to be the second option.

Too often, people look toward public organizations to help them get started. If we want to make a difference (and many people say they do but in reality it’s more talk than action) we need to look toward private companies, private individuals and private groups. These private groups have the knowledge, experience, contacts and resources to help others grow. Admittedly, they also frequently want something in return but wouldn’t you want a portion of something big than all of nothing?

Look private and you might be surprised what is out there.

Have a great day!


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