It wasn’t my fault

How often do you hear people (or businesses or organizations) find a way to deflect blame, place blame or deny blame but rarely if ever do they accept blame and more importantly rarely work to solve the problem rather than play the blame game?

One of my clients just had an issue where their server wasn’t working. Before they were able to contact me, the hosting company had already created a ticket notifying me of the problem, started the process of getting it fixed and explained what happened and what steps they were taking to make sure it wouldn’t happen again (and interestingly, although they were taking responsibility for the problem, it really wasn’t their fault at all as it was a case of them trying to fight off an attack by hackers).

By the time the client notified me of the problem, the site was already back up and everything was working properly.

Contrast this with the more typical situation where people argue about who was at fault and who to blame without even considering how to get it fixed.

It is nice to know who was at fault when something goes wrong (to prevent it from happening again) but it’s much more important to figure out how to fix it first and then to figure out how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

By the way, the very proactive company is Rackspace Hosting. They cost more but you get much more in return

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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