How mobile are you?

I spent a few days recently with a businessperson who runs a relatively large business. While we were together, he was on a conference call, met with an attorney, signed various contracts, made some sales, negotiated some deals…and never set foot in his office.

It ends up this businessperson only uses his office for meetings. The rest of the time he works from home, from his car, from the field etc. Between his cell phone, his iPad and his use of cloud hosting for all of his documents, he is able to work whether at his desk, in a board meeting or in his car. The only time he is in his office is when he has meetings scheduled.

Certain businesses require a physical presence but for many others working remotely can be just as effective if organized properly. It does take some discipline but done properly it can work well.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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