Fire Starters

Yesterday I wrote about Fire Fighters vs Fire Preventers. Today, the topic is Fire Starters.

Fire Preventers are the ones who work to make sure problems don’t arise in the first place. Fire Fighters are the ones who deal with the problems once they do occur. Fire Starters are the ones responsible for the fires in the first place.

Fires get started due to lack of planning, lack of attention to details and lack of willingness to finish what was started.

Not too surprisingly, just like with real fires, the people who are called on to put out the fires are sometimes even the ones who caused them in the first place. Sometimes it’s intentional but other times because they are so involved in putting out other fires, they are careless and causing problems elsewhere.

Fire Fighters require time, effort, resources etc in order to fix the problems. In most cases it would take less time to do it right the first time than it does to do it half right the first time and then fix it later.

There is a great saying “If you don’t time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it right?” (or something like that). Sometimes we should slow down and do things right rather than speed up and create problems for the future.

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