Doing business locally

Many businesses want local business but are they willing to shop locally as well?

Recently I was told about a new business that moved into a town and when they needed to buy things for their store they decided to buy from a business in another state rather than with one 200 yards away. Interestingly the things they were buying were commodities and cost a lot more from out of state due to shipping. The total price for these products was around $2000.

A week later this new business made a sales call to the business 200 yards away to try to get them to buy THEIR commodity. The manager decided to stay with his current provider both because of loyalty but also since this new business didn’t buy from him. The cost of these products is around $250,000 a year for this business.

Is it possible there were other factors involved in the first companies decision to shop out of state? Of course! Maybe they were being loyal to a long time vendor of theirs. However their decision to not shop locally has already hurt them and will continue to hurt them in the future.

If you want people to shop locally with you, be willing to shop locally yourself.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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