Are you using your space effectively?

Real estate is expensive. It might cost less than it did a few years ago but it’s still expensive and it’s even more expensive if you don’t utilize it effectively

The other day I was in Asheville NC and found a building that was really using their space well. It’s an old office building with a coffee shop on the first floor. The rest of the building seemed to be all office space. However, if you go up the elevator (which was very old and still used an attendant to operate) to the top floor and follow the signs there is an exit to the Sky Bar. This is an outdoor bar on three levels of the fire escape/balcony. The top level had no seating, just some space for people to stand and take in the views. There was a small slab along one of the railings to allow people to put drinks on. You could go down to the next two levels and they had bistro style tables and cheers. Servers walked around taking drink orders and then they went inside to a room not much larger than a closet which served as the bar. The views were amazing but the real key here is how they were using space that had been ignored for decades and turned it into a profitable venture (both for the building owner who was renting space that had never been rented before and for the owners of the business)

The question is are you using your space properly? This could range from putting something on a roof, in a spare room, on empty land or even on space on a sign or website.

The key is to utilize space properly, not clutter everything up. Leaving some space open might be a matter of utilizing the space properly but at the very least know what your possibilities are.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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