Observing patterns in ones business and life can be invaluable.

Just the other day we noticed that one of our ecommerce clients was having a lot of their customers transactions declined. Rather than assume it was because they are catering to a very young clientelle (which they are) we took a look at the declined transactions to see if we could find a pattern. In a short period of time we were able to find a recurring issue. It wasn’t a problem with the programming. It wasn’t a problem with their credit. It was a problem with people from a certain part of the world not having the same information available to them as others and as a result they were getting declined. By changing the process for these people it meant more of them were being approved which meant happier customers and a happier client.

If a volleyball setter were to always set the ball to the same outside hitter in the same situation it would make it very easy for an opponent to prepare their blocks. When a coach looks for patterns, he can see this tendency and work to keep the opponent off balance by making sure the setter changes things up and varies the attack.

Sometimes you will want to take advantage of patterns and utilize them to your advantage. Other times you will want to break certain patterns. In either case, being aware of patterns will make your decision making much more effective

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