Me too!

How many times have you seen a chain of emails usually within a business organization with a bunch of “me too” or “I agree” or “thanks, that is great” type comments as replies?

Frequently this is an employee agreeing with the boss or a boss trying to be supportive of an employee. There are two main problems with these type comments. First, it’s wasting peoples time to send an email with nothing of significance in the email. Unless it’s a case where people are voting “agree” or “disagree” the content is pretty meaningless. The other problem is most people don’t realize that while they might have given just a cursory glance at the actual email, in their attempt at being supportive or they are actually attaching their reputation to the other persons email.

The simple “me too” might seem like a minor comment (two short words) but if that email proves to be incorrect not only does the original emailer lose some credibility but so do the me too’ers. Unless you are willing to do as much research (or maybe more research) as the original person the “me too” might cost you a lot more than the short time it took to type it.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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