Best price for whom?

Yesterday I went to a Moes Southwest Grill (if you haven’t been to one, they have wonderful, fresh, simple food served in a friendly and fun manner) and as I’m waiting to pay, an employee asked if I was with someone. It ends up that it was “friend Thursday” which is their version of “buy one, get one free”. Those people who were there by themselves the employees were pairing up at the register so each would only have to pay half price.

This wasn’t a case of them hurting their employer as it was obvious they were told to do this. It also didn’t affect what I ordered as I already had my food. If they hadn’t said anything I would have paid the full price and still been very happy since that is what I was expecting to pay. This means that short term they received less money for the same cost. On the other hand, long term, they made a lot of people very happy and I’m sure doing this made sure they will have a lot of repeat customers.

Do you try to get the best price from your customers or the best price for your customers? One will help with short term profits while the other will help with long term success.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day


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