Be willing to operate in a vacuum

It’s important to gather important information about your organization or project in order to make an informed decision. However, there will come a time when it’s best to shut down the flow of information and be willing to operate in a vacuum.

If you are constantly getting bombarded with suggestions, criticisms, comments etc it’s very difficult to stick with your beliefs and make progress on your project. You must know when to accept the comments and when to stop them and operate in the vacuum.

If you are the manager you must be willing to let your employees have the freedom to operate without constantly micro managing them.

Knowing when to operate in a vacuum and when to allow for feedback frequently comes from trial and error but realize, we all have to be able and willing to allow feedback at some point and also to work in a vacuum at other points. It’s a fine line but once you understand when and how to do this, you will be more successful

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