The good ole days

A couple of days ago some friends were talking about old TV shows. They were talking about a certain show they used to run home from elementary school to watch (it was a show I had never heard of). One of them mentioned that he had bought the DVD’s of this old show because it was so good and one evening he sat down to watch them…and they were awful. He tried watching the first one and it wasn’t funny so he thought the second one would be funnier…and it wasn’t. After skipping through a half dozen he turned it off and never tried watching the DVD again.

This is a good reminder when we think of “the good ole days” and how much better things were. Sometimes we remember what we want to remember and not what things really were.

The point isn’t that TV today is better than it used to be (there is some complete crap on these days) but rather things do change and sometimes for the better and other times for the worse.

Be careful thinking the past was always better than the present (or that the present is far superior to the past). It might be different but not necessarily better

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