In today’s world

Yesterday I was reading an article about Jim Tressel resigning as football coach at The Ohio State University. In the article it quoted Mike Riley from Oregon State University as saying  “Anything that comes up, you’ve just got to give it to compliance right now. In our world today, you think it’s not going to be found out eventually?”

This is a great lesson for all to keep in mind. In today’s world, things will be found out eventually. Between searching on Google and Bing, video’s on youtube, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, disclosures on wikileaks, somewhere, somehow information is going to get out there. It’s easier and smarter for you to be the one disclosing something wrong than for it to be found out by someone else.

In today’s world, information is constantly flowing. Some of it is even accurate. Don’t assume a secret will stay secret very long.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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