Answering a question

It’s common when someone asks a question to simply answer the question that was asked. The problem is people don’t necessarily know the right questions to ask so your answer might have dealt with the question but not with what they really wanted to know.

As an example, if a person asks “do you know where City Hall is located?” if you respond with “yes” and walk away, it doesn’t do them much good. When they ask where City Hall is located they are really asking for directions to City Hall.

The example above is an extreme case but if we spend more time helping people find the information they really are wanting and not just answering the question, it makes life easier for everyone (providing an answer that doesn’t solve the problem will frustrate the person asking and will most likely result in follow up questions which could be avoided.

Don’t just answer the question, provide the information that is actually wanted. It might take a bit longer in the short term but in the long term it’s much more efficient.

Have a great day!


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