Sell as if you are a blind person

A person goes onto a new car lot and the salespeople automatically make some assumptions based on what the person drove, what the person is wearing and what the person looks like.

The problem is what the person drove onto the lot, what the person was wearing and what the person looks like does not determine who the person is.

I remember going to an auction for used cars down in south Georgia around 20 years ago and it was completely fascinating to me. There were a bunch of people in dirty jeans, flannel shirts, t shirts etc. Based on what people were wearing it didn’t look like any of them could afford to buy a car. The auction started and people started bidding (it was the first auction I ever attended of any kind and was truly enjoyable to observe) and when a person would make the winning bid, I noticed them walk over to the desk and more than half of them would pay cash for the car and then go back and start bidding on the next car. People were buying 10-20 cars and paying cash. It wasn’t till later that I found out many of them were owners of used car lots and they were buying to resell. If these same people had walked onto their own lots, I’m not sure the salespeople would have made much of an effort to sell to them based on appearances alone.

How often do we make snap judgments based on appearances alone regarding what a person is interested in, what they can afford etc? What if we couldn’t see them and instead had to listen to them and really learn what they want? Wouldn’t that be a better way to make a sale than to prejudge based on factors that might not be very relevant?

Sell as if you can’t see the person and you might find you become much better (and have happier customers)

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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