Just say no!

Sometimes you have to just say no even if it’s in your best interests, short term, to say yes.

As an example, I have a web design client who wants to do many things with a new web site and most of these things will result in the client failing in terms of accomplishing their goals. My options are to give them what they want (and they are willing to pay for this) and see them fail long term or explain why this is not in their best interests and risk losing them as a client.

The easy answer is to take the approach that “the customer is always right” and give them exactly what they want. The right answer is to not do what I don’t believe in and show them the right away.

While this is what I consider the ‘right answer’ the challenge is if everyone takes this approach, there would be no innovation, there would be no creativity and no differences. It’s easy to ask “who says my way is the right way?” and this is a legitimate question. It really comes down to how strong are your beliefs, how much of an expert are you and also, are you willing to lose a client over these beliefs.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer but if you truly believe you are right, be willing to say no if you believe it’s not in the persons best interests.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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