Find the customer first

Find the customer first

Too often people create a new product or service and then try to find a customer to sell to. The problem with this is frequently the potential customers either don’t have an interest in the product or are already using a competitors product. If this is the case, a person then has to go out and create demand or change demand.

The alternative is to find the customer first and then create what they want.

An example of an industry that does use both methods is the home construction industry. Some builders build homes for specific buyers. They are hired to build a house for a client and are paid accordingly. Other builders build spec houses so they build a house and then try to find a customer to buy the house. Both methods can work but it’s surpassing to me that more industries don’t use the “find the customer first” technique.

So often, we are so interested in finding the next customer that we ignore the current customer who is frequently ready to give us more money if we would only listen to them.

An example might be the public speaker who speaks in front of a big audience and gets a great response so then tries to find the next audience to speak to. Might it not make more sense to instead find out what this other topics this first audience would like to hear about? It’s easier to sell to satisfied clients a second time than it is to sell to a new person the first time.

If you have satisfied customers find out what else they would like to buy from you rather than doing what so many others do and ignore the current customers in search of the next customer.

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