Does it really matter?

I was riding back from a meeting yesterday and the driver missed a turn and before we knew it we were 40 miles out of the way. When we finally got turned around and returned to the proper turn, we were 80 minutes “behind schedule”.

The person driving was both embarrassed and worried I would be upset due to this inconvenience. I had to explain that in the overall big picture…it just doesn’t matter.

Does being 80 minutes behind schedule really affect many things (especially when I’m simply returning home and don’t have a schedule to meet)? Even if it does affect things, does getting upset change anything? In both cases the answer is no.

Think about how many times you have become upset over something that really, deep down, doesn’t matter. Did it help in any way? Probably not.

If nothing gets accomplished by getting upset, why bother? Deep down, it really doesn’t matter.

Learn to enjoy life, ignore the minor setbacks and just worry about the things that do matter and the things you can affect, the others, just let them go

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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