You can’t teach desire

You can’t teach desire

You can teach fundamentals
You can teach strategies
You can teach skills
You can teach tactics
You can teach balance
You can teach character
You can teach chemistry

You can teach a lot of things but you can’t teach desire.

If someone doesn’t have the desire to do what they are doing, help them find what they truly have the desire for and see what wonderful things they can accomplish.

Trying to motivate someone without the desire to accomplish something is both frustrating and pointless. Helping someone find what they have the desire to do is one of the most important things you can do for a person.

You can’t teach desire but you can help people find what they have the desire to do. If you get the opportunity, please do so

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  1. I have a kid who lacks desire to do anything that will make him a better player. He initiates nothing himself like extra running, ball handling skills, kicking extra shots at the goal, improving his strength etc. He is 14 and has played since he was 7 on some high quality teams. His U13 team won the state championship this past summer and advanced to regionals. He has started high school ball this fall and practices everyday but plays down like most of his teammates. He has to be forced to do any chores at home and never asks if he can help with anything. He is the laziest person I know but academically is an A student. Losing does not upset him in any way. He really needs sent to the military for basic training but is too young.
    Any suggestions?

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