Who sent that?

In the past week I have received two “interesting” text messages. First I should explain that I don’t like to text. With very few exceptions I don’t understand why someone would send a text when they have a phone in their hand and can make a call or send an email instead. If a text is a brief message that doesn’t require a response I guess I can understand that but if it requires a few back and forth texts it just seems so much easier to call or email. Now that I have put in the disclaimer that I prefer not to text there is another issue that people who do text might want to consider.

Last Saturday I received a text from a business person wanting to set up a meeting for later on that day about a web site. The only problem with it is I had NO IDEA who sent it. Since this persons phone number wasn’t in my address book it just showed a phone number and I had no clue who it was from. I could have called the number but chose to simply ignore it since it was a Saturday and it wasn’t that interesting to me. Later on, I happened to run into the person who sent the text and did arrange to meet at a later date.

Today I received a text from someone who knew me (based on the fact they used my name in their text) asking for my mailing address so they could send me a wedding invitation. Because of the fact they did know my name and cell number I replied with my address but it wasn’t til a few hours later when I was back in front of my computer that I was able to look up the number and see who it was.

If you are going to text, or email or call, don’t assume the other person knows who you are. Start off by identifying yourself. How many times have you received a call from someone who starts talking right away and assumes you know who they are when you really have no clue who they are? With email it’s usually much easier since most people have set their computer or phone to show their name but not all do (Cheryl, your emails show up with the name “Yahoo” as the sender).

One more comment about texting. Too often I have had someone say they sent me a text message and I didn’t reply. It rarely occurs to people that the phone number I give out isn’t a cell number so texting to my home number doesn’t do much good. People might assume I give out my cell number since I almost always have my cell phone on me but I give out my home number because I get bad cell service at home and it also forwards to my cell. So it’s not that I’m always intentionally ignoring texts sometimes I really don’t get them (the other times, I really am ignoring them)

Have a great day!


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