Well Employees vs Top Shelf Employees

Before going to lunch yesterday I went to the restaurants website and pulled up the menu. I chose what I wanted to order so was all set when I arrived at the restaurant. The server gave me the menu and the item I wanted to order was no longer being offered. I asked the server about this item and was told it was no longer on the menu (I was able to see that). Another server came by to take our order and I asked again about this item (hoping it was still available even though it wasn’t on the menu). He explained it wasn’t on the menu and that they no longer had some of the ingredients.

In my opinion the first answer was simply unacceptable. It was easy to see the item was no longer on the menu and I would have expected something more for an explanation. At best, this employee was the equivalent of a “well drink”. It was the bottom of the line employee who does the least possible.

The second response was much better. He explained it wasn’t available and very politely explained why. He went so far as to offer an alternative. This would be the equivalent of a mid level type in going beyond the bare minimum.

The Top Shelf employee would have done what the second employee did and then taken it a step further to make sure the manager was aware of the confusion from the web site so it could be fixed.

Just like with bar drinks, a well employee is usually a lot cheaper than a top shelf employee but the results are usually well worth it

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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