Sometimes “not now” means …

Many times when a person says “not now” it’s their polite way of saying “no”. A vendor comes into a store and wants the store to sell their product and the manager says “not now”, in most cases this is their way of saying “no”. When a fundraiser asks if you want to participate in their cause and you say “not now” it usually means “no”.

The thing we do forget is other times, “not now” really does mean “not now”. Their organization might not be ready to help but in 6 months or a year, things might be different and the answer then might be “now”.

When you hear “not now” do you set up a time in the future to follow up to determine if that time might be better? If not, you might be losing a lot of opportunities in the future.

Sometimes “not now” means “no” however other times, “not now” simply means another time might work. If you assume it always means “no” that might be quite unfortunate.

Think of it this way. If “not now” really meant “no” and you follow up with them you simply get a confirmation of a “no”. You really didn’t lose anything. If “not now” really meant there would be a better time in the future, follow up and find the right time. Either way, you really don’t lose anything.

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