Home Field Advantage

When you chose a location for a meeting do you take into consideration the “home field advantage”?

If the meeting is in your office you have the home field advantage (it’s your office, your comfort zone etc). If the meeting is in the other persons office they have the home field advantage. This seems pretty obvious.

When meeting at a “neutral” location do you still try to maintain home field advantage? As an example, if you decide to meet at a coffee shop, do you chose one you are most comfortable at or one they might be more comfortable? When choosing a restaurant do you choose one where you know the menu, you know the servers and you feel at home or do you choose a truly neutral one so both parties are on equal standing?

There are times when you do want to keep the home field advantage even if you are choosing a supposedly neutral location and other times when you might want to concede the home field advantage or choose a location that truly is neutral. There is no right or wrong but I do believe it’s important to know why you are choosing a location and why others might be choosing their locations.

This might seem like a small thing but it can be the difference between achieving your goal or not

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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